Our Story

Abby and Molly, longtime friends, teamed up in 2011 to create Bespoke Home, a modern and luxurious monogram shop. After living in New York and London, the partners found few places that offered customized wares in the Bay Area. Abby and Molly share a classic, simple and elegant aesthetic, so their mission was simple: 1} offer a stylishly edited selection of high quality, gorgeous home and gift items, and 2} provide a fresh and modern update on monogramming.

Receiving a gift that has been customized with a Bespoke monogram immediately invokes a luxurious personal touch. The Bespoke Home team is happy to work with you to select a perfect monogram or create something uniquely special.  Bespoke Home takes great pride in ensuring our finished products are flawless and product creation is timely.